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We have all experienced it, we deal with it daily, yet we don't really talk about it. I'll be talking about my experience with it and the tools I've been using to help me navigate through this sea of anxiety.

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Tools I've been using:

1) Journaling: purchased a blank sketch book at a hobby shop, it was like 6$ (Clearance!). First I started it as a "Bullet Journal" but found my own way to how to process my thoughts, now it's a slightly modified version of a "Bullet Journal" but it works for me.

2) Meditation app: I've tried "Headspace" a long time ago but wasn't for me at that time of life. I downloaded multiple apps (Calm, Headspace, 10% Happier) tried their free versions and then after some weeks of using multiple apps seeing which one I liked and been using it since.

3) Reading: I've been reading a lot more now, for once in my life I have a backlog of books vs a backlog of games. Says something right? Reading for my own enjoyment and personal growth, that's something I've missed post graduating college, just learning sh*t for the sake of my own gain. Knowledge is power my friends!

I felt like putting some more thought and energy into these show notes, let me know what you think. It might vary depending on what the episode is about, we'll see. Felt like posting, might delete later.
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