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It's not easy expressing love, there are no guidelines for it and we experience all kinds of love, healthy or unhealthy, in many ways. How do we navigate this emotion of love? Let's talk about it.

Show notes!

Love languages... I literally just Googled "love language quiz" so maybe find a free one or one that works for you. I'll list the 5 Languages here in the notes for you.

-Words of Affirmation: words to build up your partner
-Gift: getting gifts to show your love
-Acts of Service: getting sh*t done for your partner
-Quality Time: not being on your phone at the dinner table while having a meal together
-Physical Touch: let's hold hands, kiss, hug and all of the physical stuff!


Uhhh what else was there... Oh!

I found this one book from a Vietnamese monk named, Thich That Hanh, "How to Love" been reading it and is insightful. 

Another resource is, John Kim, you can follow him on social media but he's a life coach like myself and he does a lot of work with folks and their relationship goals. I believe he might have some online courses too that is available, might need to check out the website for that.

Anyways thanks for checking out the notes! 
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