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I question my identity sometimes, being from a mixed background I start to question and doubt myself of who I am.

Show notes time!

20th episode! God damn that's awesome! Thank you everyone for listening and continue to listen, means a lot. Drop a review if you feel so inclined or more importantly start talking to those around you about these topics I talk about.

first off I changed the music again, sorry just wasn’t feeling that one so I decided to go with another one. Here’s a link to the website: pretty cool that they’re open and free to use for any of your creative needs. 

► Music Credit: DJ Quads
 Track Name: “Www Is A Thing
Thank you Scott Shim for the past 19 episodes of music! If you guys want to check it out he has a ton of playlists on Spotify if you want to see his taste in music, it's quite diverse IMO. 

Anyways that's going to be it! Check out the new designed website, there's a blog on there now! It's for really random thoughts I'd have throughout the day and just wanted to quickly post it on there. 
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