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Bullying, we've all experienced it, we've seen it, we might've even participated in it. What can we do about it? I talk about my experience with it.

Show notes!

Man what an episode! I hope you guys enjoyed it. I know I mostly talked about children and bullying and didn't address adults bullying because that is alive and well too. It could be easier for adults to see actions of bullying within children so we can help improve the future generation. I wanted to create a bigger discussion on how bullying is and hopefully, it would help incline yourself to researcher further or question why adults still continue bullying other adults. 

first off I changed the music again, sorry just wasn’t feeling that one so I decided to go with another one. Here’s a link to the website: https://openmusicrevolution.com/ pretty cool that they’re open and free to use for any of your creative needs. 

► Music Credit: DJ Quads
 Track Name: “Www Is A Thing

Here’s the website I used for the types of bullying that exist stopbullying.gov  but if you even just google types of bullying it shows you other sites you can check out but there’s a lot of information out there that could really benefit others. They also give parents and teachers some advice on how to deal with bullying in school and at home.
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