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Impostor syndrome is real, we've all felt it when we doubt our abilities but we don't talk about it, and today I will.

Alright show notes times!

I do apologize I just noticed it's "Impostor" not "Imposter" so during the whole episode I'll be saying it with an "E" not an "O". I know I'm shaking my head as I type this, BUT we're not all perfect, I am human too.

I'll be linking the sites I've gotten the information from:

-General wiki page for impostor syndrome, Clance's & Imes' research found impostor syndrome mostly connected to females within the work place but recent studies have found that it's pretty much found in both genders.

-Dr. Young's research on the 5 different types of impostor syndrome, check this one out and see which one resonates with you, the article has some suggestions to challenge yourself for each type.

-This APA (American Psychological Association) website is great and gives you an opportunity to check out other things going with the world of Psych. I used this as a resource for the possible tools you can use to help with your impostor syndrome.

That's it! Thanks for reading. 
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