Self Compassion

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Self-compassion is a "touchy" subject, many men don't even want to acknowledge or talk about it. though deep down inside we need it.

Show notes!

Hey everyone just wanted to say thanks for listening to the podcast! It really means a lot to me that I hope this encourages you to look towards yourself when the sh*tty things happen with tenderness and love.

Check out the website I mention! seriously a treasure cove of resources, research and practice / tips to help you on your own journey towards self-compassion.

I know this episode didn't sound polished but I felt like I wanted to leave this a little bit more myself since I feel like I might be losing a sense of self when I tend to edit out all of the (I think) nuances of my voice and recording. (I still haven't gotten used to my own recorded voice after this long)

Self-Compassion break:
1) Be Mindful ex: "Yeah, I am struggling right now."
2) Common Humanity ex: "It's ok to struggle right now since everyone else struggles too."
3) Kindness ex: "I'll be ok even with this struggle happening in my life, I still love myself no matter what."
Self Compassion
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