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We're emotional creatures but do we really know how to express and sit with our emotions? Today I talk about a strategy I've learned from "Permission to Feel" by Marc Brackett.

RULER - Recognize, Understand, Label, Express, Regulate.

Here's the book I mentioned in the episode: https://www.amazon.com/Permission-Feel-Emotional-Intelligence-Well-Being/dp/1250212839/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=permission+to+feel&qid=1624855755&sr=8-1

If you ever want to check out the mood meter simply googling "Mood Meter" the pictures will show you the 4 quadrants I mentioned.

Here's also a link to the app if you want to download it and track your mood on your phone. https://moodmeterapp.com/
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