Therapy Update #4

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Here's another episode of my therapy journey and the lessons I've learned since the last update. Hope you enjoy and find something to resonate with since I hope to inspire or encourage you to think about therapy as a tool to help you out.

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Put in your zip code and find a therapist near you! I had some specific filters on because I wanted someone who can understand what I've experienced in life and would encourage you to do the same. Find a therapist who cares and is willing to be there for you, therapy is a sacred space and you should feel heard and seen in there if you're not you need to find a new therapist. Don't forget to ask if they do a sliding scale to help those who may not be in the best financial situation.

Also, check out mental health apps, I personally tried them first to see if I liked it but ended up finding that the time and money was better spent on in-person therapy, it could be different for you but you never know unless you try. 
Therapy Update #4
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