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I felt inspired to create this podcast because of my own personal relationship with my father. I didn't really know him as a person but only a father and I wanted to get to know him on a personal level, because I'm sure my dad has his own goals and ambitions now or even before he had kids. Though I've started to look into my own relationships with the other men around me, and wonder why don't we talk about vulnerability? Is it a taboo topic? Is it triggering? Is it something we might not have the language to talk about? How do we process feelings? These were the questions that pop in my head occasionally throughout the day and it made me think that it's taboo to talk about such topics. I feel that once we normalize these taboo topics, the easier it'll be easier for people to have an open conversation about it. Ultimately the impact I want to create is to make men feel more comfortable with their thoughts, feelings and emotions to talk about it with other men or even their loved ones around them.  

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Revisit: Race

Talking about race, this time about Asian Americans and my own experience growing up as one.


Cannabis has a stigma surrounding it, today I talk about my own experience with it and why I use it.


Singlehood is a journey to reconnect with ourselves. When was the last time you felt alive?


Connections are important to us, especially during times like these, are you feeding that part of yourself with those you care about?

Reflection: 2020

The last episode of 2020, I give a little reflection of my own on how the year went and what I've learned from it.

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