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Burnout is something we all experience, today's episode is me sharing my own experience and how maybe we can get out of feeling burnt out.


How are you spending your time? Are you doing something that fulfills you or drains you? Time is finite; let's talk about how we can use our time that will make us happy.

Attachment Styles

Do you know your attachment style? In today's episode, I'll be talking about my attachment styles and how they show up in our adult relationships.


What does it mean to be "productive"? Who are you being "productive" for? When you're doing nothing is it still "productive"? Today's episode is really having an open ...

Therapy Update #6

6th update on my therapy journey, this will mark my second year anniversary going to therapy! Hope this episode helps you out in figuring out if therapy is right for you.


When was the last time you got cramps from laughing too much? Last time you gave a good belly laugh? Humor plays such an important role in our lives that could really ...

Revisit: Purpose

Revisiting an earlier topic from the podcast about purpose, I've learned some new lessons along the way and want to share them with you.


Being curious can be a great way to build connections and a better understanding of yourself and those around you.


The first episode of '22 and it's about courage since it's definitely a theme of my life currently.

Reflection: 2021

Today's episode will be about my thoughts and reflections of this past year, 2021, in hopes to encourage yourself to look at this past year with some reflective thoughts.

Revisit: Friendship

Revisiting the topic of friendship but focusing more about friendship with the opposite sex and how that can bring more insight than I thought.


Representations of our identities is important to us, I think it sends a bigger message than what we believe it to bring. I'll talk about my thoughts on this topic in ...

Therapy Update #5

5th update on my therapy journey, wanted to share what I'm going through in therapy to help break the stigma and encourage others to explore therapy.


Talking about touch and how it is a human need to want and express it but can we feel safe to express it to other people especially men?


Sharing my own thoughts and experience with the emotion of anger.

Revisit: Masculinity

Revisiting the topic of masculinity and sharing my thoughts on the "old" ways of masculinity. tl;dr it needs to go away and we need to make a new way of masculinity.


Perspective-taking, a skill that can be applied to life, love, work, and everything in between. It allows you to widen your worldview to see the world through others a...


"Be your authentic self." What does that even mean? I'll be sharing my own thoughts about being my authentic self.


Storytime with me sharing some traumatic experiences I've had, maybe it'll help you to look at your own experiences and find some healing.

Therapy Update #4

Here's another episode of my therapy journey and the lessons I've learned since the last update. Hope you enjoy and find something to resonate with since I hope to ins...


We're emotional creatures but do we really know how to express and sit with our emotions? Today I talk about a strategy I've learned from "Permission to Feel" by Marc ...


Talking about some of my personal values in today's episode in hopes to get you thinking about your own.


Today's episode is a reflection of my relationship with my body, hopefully a relatable episode.

Revisit: Identity

Currently reading "Big Little Man" by Alex Tizon and it got me thinking about my own identity as an Asian male living in the states.


Sex is a pretty taboo topic, though I want to share my own thoughts on this topic with this episode.

Revisit: Doubt

Sharing my thoughts and experiences with doubt on today's episode, hope you enjoy it!

Therapy Update #3

This will be a reflection of what I've learned in therapy in the past couple of months and my thoughts on going to therapy for a year.

Revisit: Race

Talking about race, this time about Asian Americans and my own experience growing up as one.


Cannabis has a stigma surrounding it, today I talk about my own experience with it and why I use it.


Singlehood is a journey to reconnect with ourselves. When was the last time you felt alive?

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